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What are my Rights?

  • You have the right to receive a service that encourages and fosters your independence.
  • You have a right to services free from discrimination, financial, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect and exploitation.
    You should let us know if your address changes short or longterm.
    You and (with your permission) your carer, have access to all information about you held by us.
  • In cases where you have a legal guardian or advocate appointed to act on your behalf, the rights of the guardian or advocate are to be acknowledged and respected to the extent stipulated in the guardianship or advocacy arrangements.
  • You and/or (with your permission) your carers, will be involved in decisions about your assessment and care plan. You will be made aware of all the options available, and any fees to be charged. You will be made aware of the standard of service you can expect. Services will be provided in a safe manner which respects your dignity and independence.
  • Services will be responsive to your social, cultural & physical needs.
  • Your access to services will be decided only on the basis of need and the capacity of the Service to meet that need.
  • You have the right to refuse a service and refusal will not prejudice your future access to services.
  • You have a right to complain about the service you are receiving without fear of the service being stopped or you being mistreated because you made a complaint.
  • Any complaints you have will be dealt with fairly, promptly and without retribution.
  • You have the right to determine who your contact will be regarding a complaint.
  • Customers can nominate an advocate (a friend, family member etc) to speak on their behalf.
  • You have a right on the final say in the planning and decision making process of your services.
  • Customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality will be respected as detailed in the privacy statement on the Activus website.
  • Activus supports and encourages your right to make choices to live the life you choose.

What are my Responsibilities?

  • You should let us know if you are not going to be at home when we are due to visit.
  • You should act in a way which respects the rights of other customers and staff.
  • You need to take responsibility for the results of any decisions you make including the choice not to make a decision.
  • You must utilise seatbelts and other vehicle safety devices as directed by authorised staff.
  • You should respect the confidentiality of information about other customers and staff which you may obtain whilst using services.
  • You need to play your part in helping our staff to provide you with services.
  • You should inform us of any significant change in your circumstances.
  • All effort will be made to be sure that you understand your Rights and Responsibilities. Where needed, contracts will be developed to ensure a clear understanding. If you continually refuse to abide by your responsibilities you may be exited from the service.

For more information, please visit Aged Care Complaints Commissioner website.
You can also download our client handbook here.
Read about the New Charter of Age Care Rights here.