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Assisting Participants to Access their Community and their Supports

Please call us on 8555 0000 or email so that we can discuss the process and fee structure.

We can offer families a range of access and mobility services to enable you to participate in the community. Our expertise is the key enabler to get you to and from your supports. We transport participants to Access Community Social and Recreation activities. We are happy  to provide cost estimates for NDIS Assistance Support Services:

Assisting Access to Community Social & Recreational Activities. This comes under the Community Participation part of a participant plan.

{NDIS Price Guide Items 04_104_0125_6_1} This is a key enabler service to assist you to access all your Plan’s core supports

We are accredited under NSW Disability Standards; meaning our drivers and vehicle assistants are history checked and trained to a professional standard, and are subject to regular independent “Third Party Audit” compliance checks.

Our years of expertise in transporting people with a disability ensures we can facilitate safe, secure, caring, reliable and prompt travel for your family. This is evidenced by our meeting the Authorisation Standards of Point to Point Transport Act from 1 February 2018. Our drivers are required to follow The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission Code of Conduct.

Our Transport Service caters for people who have a disability as well as their carers. We encourage carers to accompany participants. Our policy is that carers travel at no cost.

Please call us on 8555 0000 or email so that we can discuss the process and fee structure.

For NDIS Participants, Parents and Support Coordinators, please complete the assessment form by following the below link. Once completed you will receive a notification email with your form submission details. We will contact you within the next 24 to 48 hours confirming your transport request.

This service is provided in collaboration with Randwick Waverley Community Transport.