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Travel Training

Travel Training

Travel training is a FREE service provided by Activus Transport

supported by funding from Transport for NSW. Our trainers will help you gain confidence and teach you how to use public transport so you can learn how to travel independently.

Our travel trainers can teach you how to plan your trip, how to purchase and use an Opal card, how to use timetables or transport apps and what to do if things don’t go according to plan. We can also support you by going along with you on your journey. Group training sessions are also available.

Everyone can benefit from travel training including:

  • Older people who no longer drive or drive limited distances. 
  • People with a disability or limited mobility. 
  • Young people with a disability who need to catch public transport to school, TAFE, university, work or day programs. 
  • People who are isolated due to lack of confidence using public transport. 

Individual Support is tailored to your needs and can include:

  • How to plan your trip using timetables and/or apps. 
  • A trainer going with you on a selected journey. 
  • What to do if things don’t go to plan. 
  • Reviewing your journey 

Group Information Sessions:

Your group can book a session on purchasing, using & topping up your Opal card. We can provide information to your group on a range of topics relating to using public transport.

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Activus acknowledges  Great Community Transport Inc. for this information

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